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Digital Writing in Quirky Community


Depending on the community, different genres of online communities use different type of writings and rhetoric in order to achieve their goals. The writing that these communities use varies on a spectrum from formal to informal. This wiki page provides in an example of an online community, Quirky and its use of writing as a community to achieve their goals and to explain to the viewers why the community even exists. As it promises to people around the world, Quirky community makes people’s dreams come true. It collects from people their creative ideas of inventing a unique product in order to make it a reality. In this ethnography, I focus on the major claims the Quirky community makes in improving their service and providing better to its customers in terms of inventing interesting products. It addresses several problems about how just simple ordinary products are not of much help and that better, more helpful products should be available for the audience to choose from. Making unique products is the main goal this community intends to achieve. The only area of tension which appears in this community is the problems one would face with an already-existing, ordinary product. The community wants to make these ordinary products unique and extraordinary. Quirky community tries to resolve these by providing their viewers much detailed information about the products which they intend to form to solve those problems.

Quirky Community

In today’s society containing individuals with variety of interests and likes and dislikes, people have different views and opinions about the products they use in their everyday lifestyles. How they use different products available to them in their daily routine makes a huge impact on how they think about investing their money on more different products of that same type in the future. One then starts to think about how such simple products used in their daily life could be improved and made into something more unique and astonishing.

A simple, ordinary man who uses an ordinary product – let’s say regular hangers to hang clothes in his closet – would love something different about those hangers; may be a different quality of material used other than plastic to make the hanger so that his clothes don’t fall off that easily. This uniqueness in such ordinary, already existing product is the main goal of the quirky community in what they intend to provide to the world. Unique ideas from people are taken in order to make such a unique extra ordinary product. The Quirky community is the site for people with creative minds who are interested in improving products involved in their everyday lives. Quirky is a product development community which allows for people to share their ideas about new products they want to invent. Quirky community is a place where its community members proceed in making products that people suggested from start to end. The main goal of this community is to try to resolve the problems that people face by making the product of their own ideas; that is turning a simple, already existing product into a product that is more creative, unique, demanding and more importantly, better!

Community Description and Rhetorical Situation

Quirky community has several sections which help a viewer understand this site better. First thing a viewer is able to see once veiwing this site is this phrase: "The easiest way to bring your ideas to life." Although it does not contain too much writing, it is however enough to expliain what the main goals of this community are; to make products from peoples' ideas. The shop link provides one with the ability to view different kinds of products made by quirky and purchase them. The products are organized in categories, e.g., electronics, kitchen, travel, sports, accessories, etc. Quirky community’s important aim is to connect people within the community who frequently use the Quirky site. People visit the Blogs/ community in order to engage and participate in conversation about different products and their opinions. By doing so, they allow people to participate in discussion about the products’ ideas and the products which have already been invented. As the community tries to reach their goal in making useful unique products for everyone, they also intend to seek what products are of people’s interests. By allowing people to participate in product evaluations, Quirky community gains better understanding of peoples’ opinions about different products which are under the process of being made. By seeing how much voting is received for a particular product, it would be clear for the community members to see how many people will potentially purchase the product if made.

The members, also writers, of this community use fairly formal writing language in order to convey their message out to their viewers. They perform various functions in the community in order to help the viewer understand better what the community is all about. The team members provide their audience with information about and pictures of their products. They also inform people the status of where one submitted product stands; brainstorm of the procedure in making the product is provided. The audience that the team members target is any who is interested in communications with others who are interested in Quirky community. Individuals with creative ideas about inventing a unique product are those who will find this site to be the right place to be. This community uses more pictures and videos than the writing. Participants involved in communications communicate with one another on the blogs; writing used on the blogs is informal as they are just participating in conversation.


Through community building, Quirky members discuss the uniqueness of an idea as well as connect with other users while viewing finished products.